World-Famous Desert Oasis Escapes and How They Formed

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You need to know that in this world there are desert oasis escapes. The reason is that an Oasis is a fertile area in the desert where there are water sources and plants grow there. In this world, there are various kinds of ecosystems. Starting from the cold tundra to the hot desert. Even the heat in the desert can make the area barren with no plants and low rainfall. However, the desert also has a unique feature, namely an oasis in the middle of the desert.

Then the oasis, which is a fertile area, is located in the middle of an arid desert. In general, oases are covered with plants such as olives, figs, oranges, dates, wheat or corn.

World-Famous Desert Oasis Escapes and How They Formed

World Famous Desert Oasis Escapes

Since ancient times, the Oasis in the desert has always been maintained, because it has become a stopping place for explorers, livestock or local people. Moreover, the plants in the oasis have very deep roots and can retain water.

So, oases become the most important part of life in deserts with hot weather and dry conditions. Without an oasis, travel and trade routes in ancient times could not have been formed. The following are some of the most popular oases in the world.

Al-Hasa Oasis

You need to know that Al-Hasa is not only popular but is the largest oasis in the world. The oasis is located in the southeastern part of Saudi Arabia. Then it has an area of ​​approximately 30,000 hectares. There are approximately 280 springs. Therefore, Al-Hasa has become a fertile area in Saudi Arabia, so it has become an agricultural field.

Ubari Oasis

The next desert oasis escapes is Oasis Ubari which is in the Sahara Desert. It is located right in the southwest of the country of Libya, Africa. There is something unique, the Ubari Oasis contains water with a salty taste. Just like the taste of water in the Dead Sea. Not only that, the Ubari Oasis is also an important part of the Libyan trade route and a stopover for traders passing through it.

Huacachina Oasis

Huacachina Oasis is in Peru, South America. This place is very fertile, so a small village was built because it has sufficient support for human life. For this reason, in its current situation, Oasis Huacachina has become a unique and quiet vacation spot.

Antelope Canyon, USA

Although not a traditional desert oasis, Antelope Canyon in Arizona is a slot canyon known for its ethereal light beams that shine down into the narrow sandstone passageways, creating a surreal and almost oasis-like atmosphere.

Sahara Desert, Morocco

The Sahara Desert is the world’s largest hot desert and offers a myriad of opportunities for desert oasis escapes. You can stay in luxurious desert camps, go camel trekking across sand dunes, and discover hidden oases like the Draa Valley or the Erg Chebbi.

How an Oasis is Formed

Naturally, Oases are form from aquifers underground. When river water seeps at high pressure, it can come out of the ground surface. The aquifer itself is a layer located underground that contains water. This layer contains rocks that contain large amounts of stored water. If it seeps to the surface, the aquifer can form fresh springs. Due to the existence of aquifers and natural springs, desert oasis escapes can be form and many people use them around the desert.