Take a Look at Volcano Exploration Sites in All Parts of The World

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Looking back at volcano exploration sites in the World. You can do it virtually to explore. So you can explore all parts of the world to find out which countries have active volcanoes.

Take a Look at Volcano Exploration Sites in all Parts of The World

Countries with the Most Volcano Exploration Sites

This is because mountains often offer natural views that look beautiful to anyone. So, you don’t need to be surprised if mountains are often tourist destinations with lots of visitors.

The existence of mountains is also spread in various regions of the world. There are volcanoes and dead mountains. However, what if in a country many of the volcanoes surrounding it are still active? The following are the countries that have the largest number of volcanoes in the world.

United States of America

The United States has the largest total number of volcanoes, 173 mountains. Most of the mountains are found in Alaska, where eruptions can occur almost every year.

The other volcanoes are in Hawaii and Kilauea. This is because this mountain is the most active volcano in the world. After all, it erupted continuously starting in 1993. So, this mountain can be said to be the most dangerous active volcano in the entire country.


Furthermore, Russia has 166 volcanoes spread across its territory. The Kamchatka Peninsula region has the largest concentration of active volcanoes in eastern Russia.

Then the Kamchatka Peninsula has 29 active volcanoes. Klyuchevskaya Sopka is a volcanic mountain whose height reaches 15,584 feet above sea level. This mountain is the largest and highest active volcano in the Northern Hemisphere.

Bolshaya Udina is one of the many active volcanoes in Russia. Initially, the mountain was thought to be extinct, but in 2017 seismic activity was recorded. No one knows when the volcano last erupted.


Next, you can look at the volcano exploration sites in Iceland. The country has 130 volcanoes. The majority of these mountains are in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge region. This area is the boundary of unequal tectonic plates. For volcanoes that are still active, Iceland has 30 mountains. Then since 874 AD, 13 mountains have erupted.

The most powerful eruption occurred between 1783 and 1784. This event killed more or less a quarter of the population in Iceland. In 2010, Eyjafjallajokull erupted and volcanic ash rose into the air. This will disrupt air travel for more or less several weeks in northern Europe.


The last volcano exploration sites in Japan. Japan is in the Pacific Ocean, so it has been recorded as having many volcanoes. The country of Japan is a series of islands that have approximately 122 volcanoes. These mountains are located on its borders. Almost the same as the United States, most of its volcanoes have been inactive since 1800. Only 62 have experienced periods of activity over the last hundreds of years. Not only that, 44 volcanoes have been active since 1950. Currently, volcanoes that are still active include Aira and Suwanose Jima.