Tourists Can Play Exciting Activities at Disneyland Paris France

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Disneyland Paris France is a world holiday destination that attracts a lot of attention. Surely everyone is familiar with France.

A romantic country and many people want to visit it, especially young couples or husband and wife. In the city of Paris, a city that provides charm for its visitors.

There have been many visitors from various parts of the world, including Indonesians who visited France. A vacation to a destination in Paris is everyone’s dream.

However, this can only be enjoyed by people who prepare their budget as best as possible. Make your holiday experience in this romantic city even more exciting if you choose the Disneyland Paris tour. There are many activities and rides you can play.

Disneyland Paris France

Exciting Rides and Activities at Disneyland Paris France

Disneyland Paris in France is one of the destinations in Paris that amazes the world and provides truly amazing beauty. Yes, no less exciting than Disneyland in other countries, Disneyland Paris offers themed areas with more than 50 rides that you can try.

Starting from meeting favorite Disney characters to other activities. One thing you can try is riding the largest hot air balloon in the world when visiting this French tourist spot. So before you come on this tour, you should know some of the exciting activities at the Disneyland Paris France traveling destination.

Main Street U.S.A

When you enter Disneyland Park, you will immediately see the feel of an American city with distinctive building shapes. This area has several shops offering souvenirs, and restaurants, as well as several interesting and Instagrammable photo spots. You can also enjoy the trip with a stunning backdrop of the Sleeping Beauty Palace.


Another activity at this tourist spot is Discoveryland with a retro feel. For those of you who love Star Wars, it is a must to visit this area. Because there is a Star Wars Hyperspace ride. Apart from that, this area also offers adventures in the style of the animated film Toy Story. You can also try the Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast ride to fly into space.


Fantasyland is a favorite area for all visitors at Disneyland Paris France. Because it presents a feel like a classic Disney film. Visitors can explore the magnificent Sleeping Beauty palace, and ride the spinning cup ride at the Mad Hatter Tea Cups from Alice in Wonderland. Besides that, you can also go on an adventure with Peter Pan.


The last area of Disneyland Paris has a 19th-century American frontier theme, synonymous with cowboy houses. You can ride a mine train ride with the eerie backdrop of Big Thunder Mountain. This adventure is super exciting because you will be taken to climb mountains until you slide under a rushing waterfall.

Those are some of the exciting activities you can play when visiting Disneyland Paris France. Prepare a thorough budget before leaving, so you can enjoy your holiday more comfortably.