Aurora Light in Norway, Natural Charm with Amazing Color Gradations

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Who has never heard of natural phenomena such as the Aurora light in Norway? Of course, almost everyone has heard of it. The magical light phenomenon in the Norwegian sky is indeed a natural beauty that is enough to attract many people abroad. How come? With the color gradations in the sky that look amazing, it certainly really washes the eyes of many people. It is said that according to the people of Norway Aurora has a unique history, as this is the explanation.

Aurora light in Norway

History of Aurora Light in Norway

Aurora is one of the natural tourist destinations that appears in the Norwegian sky. This natural phenomenon emits gradations of color in the sky which are certainly very charming. Aurora light is formed due to the interaction of charged particles originating from the sun with the Earth’s magnetic field. Aurora itself is also referred to as atoms and molecules that unite and accumulate in the air that is sucked in by the Earth’s magnet around the North and South poles. Well, Norway itself is a country that displays this natural phenomenon.

Apart from that, according to the Norwegian people themselves, the Aurora Light has a history related to their mythology and traditional beliefs. The ancients in Norway thought that auroras were a gift the guardian gods of the universe gave. However the discovery of the phenomenon of aurora light in Norway by scientists only existed in the 19th century, namely by a Norwegian scientist, Kristian Birkeland.

The Beauty of Aurora Light

The light of the Aurora is indeed one of the most stunning natural beauties. Many foreign people are willing to spend the night just to enjoy this natural phenomenon. The appearance of lights that seem to move in the Norwegian night sky certainly makes the atmosphere more pleasant. This experience also fascinates many tourists with the stunning color gradations, from purple, green, and blue, to red.

In Norway itself, there are also several perfect places to see the light of the Aurora directly. Namely such as Tromsø, Twilight Island, Lofoten, Bodø, Hammerfest, and Narvik.  So, for visitors who want to witness the Aurora light directly, you can try visiting several recommended cities in Norway.

So, that’s the history of the Aurora light in Norway and the natural beauty it emits. It’s amazing, isn’t it? With the glow of colorful gradations that decorate the ceiling, it will certainly amaze anyone with its charm.