4 Lakes that Have Beautiful Water Colors in the Banff National Park Area

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Banff National Park is also known as the oldest National Park in Canada. This is because the National Park Complex, which was founded in 1885, has an area of ​​6,641 km2 in the Rocky Mountains area. The area consists of mountainous terrain from glacier fields to coniferous forests.

Among the rocks and snow that cover the national park, Lodgepole pines and Engelmann spruce dominate the forest. In this national park, tourists can also watch the activities of grizzly bears, cougars, wolverines, big heart sheep and deer. In the park area, several lakes can be visited.

Banff National Park

Lake in Banff National Park

When traveling to Canada, of course, it will be less exciting if you don’t stop by Banff National Park. There are many interesting tourist attractions to visit, one of which is the beauty of several beautiful lakes that can hypnotize your eyes. For this reason, there are beautiful lakes that can amaze you in this national park.

Peyto Lake

This beautiful lake, located between the Canadian Rockies mountains, has a turquoise color. The shape of the lake is almost the same as a wolf. The beauty of the lake will look even more enchanting because of the presence of pine trees that grow around the lake. Become the perfect composition that can make the holiday even more exciting.

When summer arrives, Peyto Lake has the nickname of being a jewel. This is because the glaciers that cover the mountains around the lake will melt. So the ice goes into the lake. If you look closely, the twinkling lights on the ice reflect like jewels.

Lake Louise

The name Lake Louise is taken from the name of Queen Victoria’s daughter, Louise Caroline Alberta. This is because the lake is 70 meters deep. Lake Louise is the most popular place for photographers because it has beautiful turquoise water. So photographers compete to capture the extraordinary natural beauty.

When you go on holiday to Lake Louise, it won’t feel complete to visit the luxury hotel on the edge of the lake, namely Chateau Lake Louise. You will sleep with sweet dreams. Not only is it located on the edge of the lake, but the view from the high mountains is one of the best views from the hotel.

Moraine Lake

Moraine Lake is one of the lakes in Banff National Park with its uniqueness. This means that the water in the lake can change color. When the mountain glaciers melt, the lake water can turn turquoise green. However, generally, the color of the water in the lake is light blue and clear. The uniqueness and beauty of Moraine Lake are often used as gadget wallpaper. Another interesting fact about Lake Moraine is that it was once one of the most beautiful lakes in the world.