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Generosity Demonstrates Love

To have more than enough and then a heart to want to share a portion of your fortune with total strangers is an example of love. With this being an election year, there always seems to be different headlines emerging on a daily basis. Businessman and billionaire Michael Bloomberg announced he would raise funds to help convicted felons pay their fines so he or she would be able to vote in this year’s election. I am certain there are more than enough other people who has deep-pockets and they may have generous hearts as well, to give some of their wealth to their favorite charities for different causes.

The generosity of other wealthy Americans have come onboard to contribute to this cause to. Billionaire former NBA great Michael Jordan and current NBA super-star Le-Bron James has also decided to share some of their wealth; along with vocalist-musician and entertainer John Legend to name a few.

This is a token of putting your money where your mouth is. Without a doubt these millionaires and billionaires’ have more than enough to spare, but what is so awesome is their concern to give others a opportunity to have a fresh new start and to be able to do something that many people do not do with no prior criminal history. The need to invest in people is more important than to invest or spend money on most material things that depreciate in value.

There are many ways to demonstrate love, we love to watch sports and entertainment, listen to music, make music, write books, what others do for us, some of us love our jobs. But, the greatest demonstration of love is when God loved us and let His only son die on the cross, while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Romans 5:8.

There is no greater or better display of love shown than this. Jesus invested his life in people and brought out the best in them. We ought to do the same and make the necessary sacrifices when the opportunities arise to do good for others. For those of us who do not have millions let alone billions in fortunes to give financially, we can still give of our resources with our time and talents and let our voices be heard through voicing our opinions and concerns by participating in this year’s election and thereafter.

Generosity is shown when we take an interest in the well-being of others and unselfishly share our resources to make a difference for those who may need assistance. We are to love ourselves and one another to make the world a better place, this is what is required of us. Love is demonstrated by our actions!