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Neither Trump Or Biden Can Repair America

In no other time has the United States been so splintered. It is quite evident when Congress can’t even come to an agreement to offer relief to the public in terms of financial aid that is so desperately needed. This is just one example of how our elected officials care not about the welfare of the American citizen who by the way Congress is supposed to work for. For far too long there has been no cohesive movement to bring not only that much needed financial aid but able to bring unity unto the United States. The dividing forces that continue have made this nation become almost irreverent.

What has happened is that there has been a sociological deterioration that made it possible to have our society and political process evolve into a non coherent destabilizing set of factors that have only made our nation so unstable. Today, what we have is that when neither the Democrats or Republicans have cooperated in fostering any kind of compromise that would restore the publics confidence just shows how disconnected our government really is form the harsh realities facing millions of Americans. And, if Congress somehow manages to reach a compromise like they did with the first Stimulus Bill last spring They find a way to come up short with too little too late.

This sociological deterioration of this nation has made it almost impossible to right the wrongs inflicted upon the public by years of seismic shifts away from the culture that fostered not only intellectual excellence but embodied a comradery, a fellowship of man in order “to create a more perfect union.” to paraphrase the opening of the United States Constitution. Having a plan of direction would felicitate achieving that ” more perfect union.” Something this nation hasn’t had in over 60 years.

It was President Kennedy who took up the gauntlet in his inaugural address to provide the nation with a plan of direction. In doing so he rallied the nation behind a unity of purpose. We put a man of the moon and made the United States a leader in global affairs. No President or Presidential candidate since has been able to rally a nation behind a definitive plan of direction that would embody the kind of unity that this nation had. A plan of direction to make the United States regain the international stature that we once had.

What this nations needs today is a definitive plan that is outlined with specifics on how to achieve lasting health, vitality, prosperity, and security for every American. In other words create that “more perfect union.” It should be noted that when President Kennedy spoke he urged all Americans “Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country” was the patriotic rallying cry that instilled a sense of purpose to unify behind a plan of direction for this nation. Again, as a result established America’s presence a the leader in global affairs.

Today, there is a great need in restoring the confidence of this nation in the eyes of not only the rest of the world but the confidence of the American people have in the leaders we elect to represent us. Sadly though, that confidence has not been restored. For far too long our leaders have never been able to bring that confidence to the American public. And, neither Trump or Biden are capable in restoring the kind of confidence to the American public. It is too bad that our elected officials continue to be so inept in realizing that this nation needs a concise plan of direction that would felicitate a unity of purpose that would create that more perfect union. A plan of direction that only National Economic Reform’s Ten Articles of Confederation can bring.