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Does the FBI Use Drones & Helicopters for Aerial Suveillance?

The FBI probably don’t use drones, but the agency certainly uses helicopters and small planes for conducting regular aerial surveillance over a wide area of US cities. What are the signs that your city is being targeted, and especially your particular neighborhood? If you see and hear a small plane constantly flying over your home every day and all night, or a helicopter either flying seemingly aimlessly or hovering not far away from your residence for a very long while, you might be under aerial surveillance by the FBI. If either a small plane or a helicopter seem to be following you wherever you drive, or passing by you wherever you are, these are strong indications of aerial surveillance. If you say anything critical about the FBI, do you hear immediate noise of a plane or a helicopter drawing toward your residence?

If you are under the powerful impression the FBI is tracking you by aerial surveillance, whether by a small plane, a helicopter, a drone, or a quadcopter, this is no joke; you must have done something potentially threatening in the past to elicit suspicions. Think hard about your past actions and whether anything you emailed or searches conducted of keywords at search engines may have provoked a reaction. In addition, you will probably see undercover agents in both familiar and unfamiliar car models following you everywhere, parking close by, and tracking you by foot the places you visit. They usually maintain a low profile by standing nearby, sitting on a bench, or feigning interest in things on a shelf, and leave stores without buying anything. It’s not a good idea to confront FBI agents; you will only worsen circumstances and increase the main agent’s suspicions. What can you do if the above describe what’s happening to you? Do nothing that will worsen your situation. For example, do not try to flee from agents obviously tracking you. Just act normally and go about your business as usual. If you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to worry about, and eventually the FBI should cease its surveillance of you. If surveillance only continues and is growing more invasive without doing anything out of the ordinary, consider consulting a lawyer as a first step. Then, follow your lawyer’s advice. Although I was doing nothing in my life that resemble a crime, the FBI went on increasing its surveillance of me to a ridiculous degree.