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5 Clear Threats To Our Political Elections!

Many Americans have reached the stage, when, they, either, have lost faith in our elections and/ or, systems, or, no longer believe, it makes much difference, who they vote for! We should be concerned, because, the so – called, hallmark of our democracy, is our expectation, of fair and free elections, etc! We already, nearly – consistently, experienced, a comparatively – low, voter turnout, compared with most other nations, but, for several reasons, it seems, we are, at a point – in – time, when, it is an increasingly, clear threat, to our political elections, and system of government! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 clear threats, and why, they are concerning, and a threat to the sustainability of our form of government, etc.

1. Casting doubt on the fairness of elections: Our system, already, has many checks – and – balances, built – in, which serve to protect the sanctity of an election! In most cases, when a candidate wins, by a small, pre – determined margin/ percentage, it triggers an automatic, recount, etc. In addition, any candidate, can appeal, to the Courts, if, evidence of any misbehavior, etc! However, Donald Trump brought this, to an, unheard – of, level, constantly, questioning, blaming, and complaining, and declaring, his political opponents, stole the election (without any proof, at all), and, seemingly, inspiring and enabling, some of his core supporters, to buy – into, this conspiracy theory! It has gotten to the point, where, some complain, and dispute, every time, the results, were not, what they wanted/ desired! What does that perception, create, going – forward?

2. Thinking our vote doesn’t matter, at all!: Because of the peculiarity, of a system, where a candidate, doesn’t need to win, the popular vote, but, rather, and, apparently, unbalanced, Electoral College! This creates a system, where some voters, in smaller states, therefore, have, disproportionate power, and their vote, counts, more than those, in larger states! When, at least, twice, this century, the individual, with fewer popular votes, was elected President, it isn’t surprising, many perceive, their vote counts very little, etc!

3. Voter apathy/ low turnout: When, one party, consistently, wins, when there is a larger turnout, and the other prospers, from a lower turnout, and our Congress, appears, so dysfunctional, accomplishing, little, which benefits most citizens, many simply don’t vote, because they have been turned – off, by the system/ process, or believe, there vote doesn’t matter, anyway!

4. Extreme partisan politics/ No attempt at meeting – of – minds: In recent memory, we have not witnessed, such an extreme degree of partisan politics, with, so little attempt, to achieve any meeting – of – the – minds, for the greater good! When, even, in legislation, overdue, addressing the infrastructure needs, and priorities, it seems, we are close, to a system, which is broken, or worse!

5. Equating opinions with facts: Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but, not, their own set, of facts! We have reached a point, apparently, where many equate their personal opinions, and self – interests, with actual facts. We should have realized the danger, when a former, Communications Director, to President Trump, referred to Trump’s fake fact (or lies), merely, as, Alternative Facts!

Wake up, America, and demand relevant, sustainable changes/ adaptations, which are needed to preserve our democracy! Don’t complain later, if you say nothing, now!