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5 Examples Which Indicate You Can’t Really Understand Voters Perceptions!

To say, political elections are, often, unpredictable (and, polls are often wrong), and/ or, American voters are often, either, fickle or selfish, is, probably, quite – an understatement! Those, believing, either, the most capable candidate, or, the one, with the greatest degree of genuine empathy, and/ or, integrity, have an advantage, obviously, haven’t, thoroughly, discussed recent elections! How else, can we explain, how and why, people vote, as they do, often, seeming to vote for candidates, who, seem to serve the specific candidate’s personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest, rather than the greater good? With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 examples, which should be concerning, to those, who, truly, cherish the principles of freedom, and what, we have considered, the American Way of Life.

1. Blaming the Democrats for the pandemic: Since, the onset of this horrific pandemic, then – President Donald Trump, seemed to equate economic issues, with the public health! Most (almost all) of his Republican Party, at least, publicly, supported his approach, and, to – date, this nation, is now approaching 700, 00 deaths, from the virus. However, we witnessed, and continue to observe, many Republicans resorting to blaming the Democrats, for everything, related to the pandemic, especially the economic impacts, it created, although, most experts believe, if these people had acted, as they should have, and encouraged their supporters to follow, common sense, public health measures (such as, wearing a mask, and getting vaccinated, etc), most of the most – dire impacts, would be over, and there would have been, far – fewer casualties, and fatalities! What good does this blame do? Apparently, it motivates and inspires certain people, to act, in seeming – opposition, to their true, interests!

2. Voting for fears, instead of hopes and viable ideas: Blaming and complaining, appears to be part of a concerted effort, to stoke the fears of many voters, whether, related to health, education, justice, freedoms, etc! When fears are emphasized, unfortunately, many ignore reality, and/ or, the longer – term ramifications, in terms of protecting, our Constitutional guarantees, freedoms, and rights!

3. Blindly, believing, campaign rhetoric, lies, slogans, etc: This nation’s political campaigns, often, go on, for a year, or more, where, in almost, every other nation, they last, 90 days, or less, and, where, others restrict/ control campaign spending, and, whether, what is said, is factual, we do not! More, and more, the campaign rhetoric, lies, slogans, etc, used, in political campaigning, stretch – the – truth, at the very least!

4. Republicans seem more unified than Democrats: In the past few years, we have witnessed, the Republican Party, morph – into, the Party of Trump! Mitch McConnell, is, perhaps, somewhat of a genius, at, pushing through some agenda, while, restricting discussion, on what should be, national priorities! Consistently, Republicans, seem to circle – their – wagons, and defend their people, while Democrats, appear, to merely, shoot – themselves – in – the – leg, and come to little consensus, and thus, many voters, perceive them, as somewhat – inept!

5. Never learning from past mistakes: Although, this type of contradictory behavior, seems to be repeated, over – and – over – again, and, thus, the essential necessities, such as the danger of Climate Change, environmental protections, voting rights protections, and liberty and justice, for all, continue being, kicked – down – the – road! Isn’t the definition of insanity, doing the same thing, over – and – over, and expecting different results?

Wake up, America, and demand better, and more relevant, meaningful, effective representation, from those elected, supposedly, to serve and represent! We can’t afford, to simply, accept and permit, the same – old, same – old!