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Five Reasons President Donald J. Trump Is Still in the Minds of Friend and Foe Alike

Mention the 45th President of the United States Donald Trump in any context and you’re bound to get very interesting answers. My goal isn’t to start a debate about whether he was an angel or the devil incarnate. No, I simply want to point out obvious differences that we can agree on.

The right loved him.

The pseudo-right or the Never Trumpers hated him.

The left hated him.

The moderates, now that Biden is serving in office, are beginning to warm up to Trump. The contrast between Trump and a corrupt politician is stark.

Why did the right love him and the left hate him?

  1. He sacrificed wealth to hold office.
  2. There’s plenty of debate about this topic. Even the amount of wealth he had prior to holding office is up for debate. But when the final totals was tallied, his net income deteriorated. The same cannot be said for other office holders such as Bush, Clinton, or Obama. They are all much wealthier than when they took office. Now, President is certainly not hurting for cash, but he didn’t hold office for its financial gain. To that note, he donated his salary each of the four years in office. Did he ever get credit for that in the eyes of the Democrats and Never Trump GOP? Not to my knowledge.

  3. He put America first.
  4. Trump saw the deal the career politicians had been making and wanted to put a stop to it. They seemed like they were putting America last and other countries first. He was widely mocked and ridiculed for it.

  5. Trump was accused of Russia collusion before he took office and for three years into his administration.
  6. Russia Russia Russia. No president should have to endure such accusations from people who know better. In the end, he was vindicated. There was no Russian collusion, and it became clearer that those who were screaming the loudest were probably the most guilty.

  7. He exposed the media for the corrupt body that it is.
  8. When 95% of the media admit that they vote Democrat, how could he possibly get a fair shake? He couldn’t. Case in point? First Lady Melania Trump never got a fair shake from any of the so-called elitist journalists. She was a fashion model by trade and yet I can’t recall any fashion magazines that graced her presence. Why? Because she was married to the man they hated.

  9. Despite being very wealthy, he seemed to fight for the people of the country.
  10. He saw that politicians had abused the people for too long. They spent money on pork projects and made onerous laws that they themselves weren’t subjected to.

The left and the Never Trumpers still hate the man 10 months after he left office. They’ll always hate him because he exposed them for what they really are.