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We Need Jesus Very Much

26So now we have a high priest who perfectly fits our needs: completely holy, uncompromised by sin…

The same day I was reading this verse, a message about pornography went out on Crossroads. The readers’ feedback left me speechless:

THIS IS SHOCKING!! I am going to pray for these people today. You always pray for sickness and, and, and, but never think about pornography damaging families.

And this one:

My heart was filled with pain as I read this morning’s message, because you see, pornography destroyed my marriage. I was a single mother when I met a really special man. After we were married, I moved in with him, but was shocked to realise that he openly watched pornography in the presence of his two adult sons. Well, eventually he cheated on me, went looking for someone else to satisfy his sexual urges, and tore the family apart. His one son withdrew completely, while the other one became increasingly rude to me. Awful, awful, awful.

I received many more. We do not always realise how families are impacted by this sin. This is an illness that the devil uses cunningly to draw people, men and women, into his web, away from God.

Obviously, it is not only pornography that drives a wedge between God and people. There are many other sins that lure us away from God. Yes, we may not be doing such a huge sin, but somewhere along the road we’re also tempted and we fall into the trap.

We’re all guilty. We all have a heap of sin, whether it is dishonesty or laziness. Whether we’re trying to avoid our calling or simply not doing what we should be doing. We all deserve to go to hell.

Fortunately, God intervened and made a plan by getting rid of the effect that sin had on humans once and for all. A holy person without sin was required for this. And the only person who qualified for this was Jesus. Jesus was the answer. Jesus was the perfect sacrifice that had to die.

How wonderful that Jesus was prepared to walk this terribly difficult road for sinful people like us. We were in a terrible position.

We must be aware of how much we need Jesus every day. We must ask Him every day to help us live within the lines. We must ask Him every day for wisdom to do what He wants, because on our own we look in the wrong places, say the wrong things, do the wrong things.

We won’t make it on our own. We really do need Jesus so much.


Hebrews 7:1-25


Where are you going wrong?

Do you realise what you actually deserve?

Do you realise how much you need Jesus?


Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! How can I live without You? You make everything possible. Without You I am nothing. I need You very much. Every day! Amen.