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HYDERABAD, PAKISTAN, AUG 20: Faithful Muslims offer Eid-ul-Fitar prayer at Eidgah mosque in Hyderabad on Monday, August 20, 2012. (Aftab Ahmed/PPI Images).

What It Really Means To Be A Muslim

Europe is an important factor in this effort especially in helping to stop the global virus of Islamophobia, this poison is based on falsities and had played into the hands of these extremists.

I am one of those Muslims who is being taught from earliest years that our religion demands and respect for other religions, The Prophet Muhammad PBUH said none of you have faith until you love for your neighbor what you love for yourself, This is what it means to be a Muslim.

All my life every day I have heard the use of greetings Assalam-o-Alaikum “I wish for the other to be blessed with peace” This is what it means to be a Muslim.

More than thousand years ago before the jeniwic convention, Muslim’s soldiers were ordered not to kill a child or woman or old person, not to destroy a tree not to harm a priest not to destroy a church these are the same values of Islam we were taught in schools as children not to destroy or disrespect a place where GOD is worshipped not a mosque nor a church, not others, this is what it means to be a Muslim.

These are the values I’ll teach to my children and they’ll hand it on to theirs, Dears we all are sad for the recent attacks in different countries against the Christians and minority communities this is an offense against humanity as well as Islam.

In the world, Muslims has a critical role in global understandings Our faith tells us about peace mercy and tolerance and told us to keep care of every person man and woman neighbour and strangers, anyone who denies these rules is rejected by Islam and also the majority of 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide.

It is mentioned in the QURAN “If you killed a single person on the earth that means you have killed the whole of humanity” nor a Muslim can kill or torture people like these extremists do not any other person who has faith in a religion. this is not a human’s act nor these people are having any faith nor any humanity.

In fact, these Muslims have made their target Muslims but we will not allow them to hijack our faith, we are going to reach every person every single living body on this earth to tell them what we are and what Islam is and what it is means to be a Muslim