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It’s not always easy to understand the trinity of God. How can one person be three persons? How can three persons actually be one? A simple explanation (that still falls short) is to use the concept of water. Water exists in three forms: a solid state (ice), a liquid(water) and a gas (hydrogen). The same product existing in three different forms.

God is one God who occurs in three different forms and this one God is also involved in people’s salvation as three persons.

God the Father is the loving father. The One who cries when His children cannot find the way to His house. He realises that the children’s eyes are blind and that they cannot see the way. He realises that the children are too weak to work their way to Him. He realises that the sin in which they were born calls them away from His path.

It breaks His heart.

Therefore, He makes a plan to take over the work of salvation. For this, however, He needs someone who has never sinned. He needs a perfect sacrifice, a sacrifice that can be made once.

Jesus puts up His hand to take this on. He is the perfect sacrifice. The One who has never sinned. He will bear the punishment for the sins of all the people. Then the people will see the way to God. Then they will be able to choose to go to their Father.

The third person, the Holy Spirit, was also involved in the great act of salvation of God Triune. He was Jesus’ partner. He was the One who helped Jesus to make the choice and supported Him all the way. 15Through the Spirit, Christ offered himself as an unblemished sacrifice…

The process to save people from their predicament was not so simple. It was an enormous process that could only be carried out by God Triune. How awesome is this! How immense! For me and you who keep on sinning.

So that you and I can see the way to our Father and start going there easily. So that we can enter into heaven to live with God Triune forever.

It was a team effort. Each Person in the Trinity had to play a part to carry out this enormous task successfully.

For each of us to travel through life successfully, we have to realise that we also need this team. We need God to fulfil His promises to us. We need Jesus to intercede for us as He sits next to God. And we need the Holy Spirit to guide us in the same way that he helped Jesus to become human, walk through life, and die on the cross.

We’re too weak to go through life on our own. You have to realise this and do something about it. Make the Big Team, the Trinity, part of your daily life. You will be different. The people around you will be different.


Hebrews 9:11-15


How do you see the Trinity?

Are They part of your team?

What can you do to make them a bigger reality in your life?


Father, Son and Holy Spirit, You are a wonderful team. I need You on my team, because I can’t make it on my own. Please help me to make You part of my life more and more. Amen.