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The Climate Of Nokkundi

The climate of Nokkundi in Baluchistan has a desert type of climate with extremes of temperatures both in summer and winter and a very scanty precipitation. Following is the hydro thermal regime of Nokkundi.


Temperatures can be very high in summer at Nokkundi. For three months of the year i.e., June, July and August, the mean maximum remains above 104 F and one can expect temperatures at mid-day to reach as high as 120 F; during the course of a severe heat wave. Nights, however, are a bit better and the nighttime low in these months is around 80 F.

The spring and fall are a bit cooler; each having daytime high of around 95 F and nighttime low of about 70 F but the best season of the year is the winter season.

The winters at Nokkundi are pleasant and temperatures are comfortable. The days are quite comfortable at around 70 F but the nights can be very chilly. It is not uncommon for the nighttime low to fall as low as 32 F. As a whole, however, winter season is the best season at Nokkundi with clear blue sky and pleasant sunshine.


Precipitation in Nokkundi is very scanty. In fact it is the driest location in whole of Pakistan with a total annual rainfall of only one and a half inches. The month with the highest precipitation, January, records only two-third of an inch. The reason is that it is so located geographically that neither the winter nor the summer rain bearing systems can approach it.

The dryness of the place can easily be judged from the fact that it records zero precipitation for four months of the year that is June, August, September and October. Such an extreme dryness is found no where else in Pakistan.

The Heat Index

As the air in Nokkundi is extremely dry (relative humidity is often less than ten percent in the summer afternoons), so the great summer heat is easily bore by its inhabitants. For instance, if the actual temperature outside is 110 F, the apparent temperature, or the heat index is often less than 100 F.

In short, Nokkundi is a place in Pakistan where you can experience temperatures as high as 120 F in summer and as low as 32 F in winter. The rainfall is the lowest in Pakistan with a total annual being only one and a half inch.